Timely Topic: Circles of Support

I walk down the halls of many schools in many places across the country and I hear a lot of the same jargon. It's as if the federal government’s legislative impact on schools has seeped into the DNA of our practice. I wouldn’t mind if more educators and less political hacks informed our national policy. Join now to read more.

On Frank's* Mind...

It amazes me that there are so many great teachers still dedicated to their students' continued academic achievement. Teaching is rapidly becoming a job rather than a profession.  Join today to read full text. *Bios

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What is it worth to be part of a network of teachers and leaders who believe in our schools? Join us today and be part of this network of educators focusing on "getting smarter" instead of listening to negative press. At no cost to you, gain access to a library of useful tools and documents, use a safe platform to share ideas, concerns, and much more! Whether virtual or in person, we support your goals every day. Join now and become part of the network that honors educators!!

Tools for Success

Join our team for customized online and face-to-face access to powerful planning tools that promote achievement.

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Become a member today to maximize teacher effectiveness through online tools and customized support.

Curriculum Design

Join today to develop a powerful curriculum aligned to the Common Core standards designed to drive results.

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Our members will access strong design principles to support students' success in earning a high school diploma.

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